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Kenny Lambert &
Gordon Van Eaton
Kenny is a
bowhunter and
hunts with a
Both Kenny
& Gordon
Kenny & Gordon
are hunting buddies
and this is their
first trip to Africa.
took very beautiful Kudu bulls
& lovely Warthogs.
Gordon felled
this Springbok in
its tracks at 300
yards... great
shot Gordon!
Both Kenny and Gordon were easy going friendly
guys and we enjoyed hosting them.
Gary Penner
Brett Aldridge
Gary and Brett both got really
great Kudu bulls.
Brett was very
fortunate and took
this exceptional
Waterbuck bull.
Brett also took this
impressive Eland
bull, while Gary
opted for a very
lovely Zebra.
Brett and Gary
both decided
that the
Gemsbok were
just too
beautiful to
pass up and
they both took
great trophies!
Gary decided
on a lovely
while Brett
chose this nice
Impala to end
off their Africa
Brett had
a minor
ment with
a thorn
tree but
Gary soon
sorted him
Two really great hunters! Thanks for
being so nice to have around!
George Uram   &
Chuck and Kate Perri
Another first time African trip!
Kate did fantastically well to
touched a gun in
30 years!
Chuck also took this
great Kudu bull.

George got a really
lovely Impala ram and
a very interesting
Thanks for all the laughs
guys, it was a great pleasure
having you guys over here,
we're welcome back
'Doc' Rose  &
Larry Goldman
Lastly we welcome
Larry & Doc Rose,   
childhood friends who
hail all the way from
Doc Rose with his gold-medal Klipspringer,
wonderful Mt. Reedbuck & beautiful Zebra.
As this is Larrys first African
hunt he decided to start it off
with a lovely Blesbuck.
The African
hunting bug has
throughly bitten
Doc Rose &
this is his
second hunting
for 2006!
Doc was really
blessed to take this
very lovely Sable
Antelope from
50yards with one
perfect shot!

Doc also took this
really great
Red Lechwe.
Larry says he too
could get addicted
to African Hunting
and took some
really lovely
including this
lovely Kudu bull,
and very special
Two really great guys...Thanks for making our last hunt
for 2006 really memorable!
Next we welcomed Kenny & Gordon from
Also old hunting buddies,
Gary and Brett hail from
Alaska.  This is also their
first trip to Africa.
Chuck took a great Impala ram
and a very big Baboon.
Second to last we welcome
Chuck and his wife Kate
accompanied by their son-in-law
George from Pensylvania!
drop this beautiful Blesbok at 100 yards considering she hasn't
Doc Rose with a wonderful Bushbuck,
magnificent Waterbuck & really impressive Impala.