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Hunt Report
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David Jr. & Sherry Mains
& Dad David Sr.
Next we
welcome the
Mains family,
all the way
from Kentucky!
David Jr. took
this beautiful
zebra on the first
This great Kudu bull was taken
just at last light and had to be
carried down the mountain one
piece at a time!
Father and son both took gold medal Springbok.
Dad only decided to take a Kudu once he saw his
son's lovely Kudu bull & boy did he get a
fantastic old bull!
At 58 and a half inches this old bull is a
once in a lifetime trophy.
Once again the Mains duo show that they don't let
the grass grow under their feet.
David Jr. droped this lovely Impala "like
a sack of potatoes " at 300 yards.
Dad got his turn too, and took another
lovely Impala ram.
A throughly charming family,
we really enjoyed having you guys
hunt with us!

You gave us a taste of
Southern Charm!
Chris Reinesch
This is a very impressive Blue Wildebeest,
Chris' first African animal.
A lovely Nyala
Just look at the thickness of the this Kudu bulls horns! He
was a really old bull judging by how few teeth he had left!
Chris and his zebra
Here are Chris' beautiful Nyala, Zebra & Blesbok!
Chris and his Blesbok
This is his
first trip to
Africa and
Chris is
making the
most of it!
also took
a very
Richard says that Chris is one hell of a shot!
When Chris decided to take a Sable he hoped for an
impressive animal and boy did he get one!
There was great excitement all round after Chris had
taken his beautiful Sable - what a majestic and noble
animal - well done Chris - the belly crawl was worth
it, it's not everyday someone gets such a beautiful
When Chris saw this very wide and impressive Kudu
bull he decided that seeing it was his Birthday he just
had to have him!

Happy Birthday Chris!!
Thanks for being such an easy going pleasant guy!
We look forward to seeing you again!
The Bushbuck was Chris' last African animal,
and what a beaut!
Chuck Widdicombe &
Randy Johnson
Chuck & Randy
joined us after
nearly a month
of hunting
elsewhere in

Randy took a very
impressive 25"
Impala, as well
as a really
beautiful old
beaten up
Bushbuck ram.
Chuck took this beautiful Sable on his second last day in Africa!
Chuck and Randy
have been hunting
together for years,
and both took some
really lovely
Thanks guys for all
your kind words and
compliments we
appreciate it , coming
from such seasoned
African Hunters as
you two!
We are only half
way through our
2006 season so
watch this space
as we update the
Hunt Report after
every group.
This father and son team sure know how to
get things done, both taking a lovely Blesbok
on the first afternoon.
This is David Jr's first trip to
Africa after planning for it for the last 16 years!
Next up we have Chris from
         Arizona also on his first African hunt.