Boy did he make the one day worth while!

Well done Bob you bagged a beautiful Kudu!
Hunt Report
Bob Buchan & son
Bob is an American bussiness
man working in Dubai, who had
only one day to hunt.
Next we have two great guys all the way from
Kansas & Nebraska
Ron started off literally with a bang and took this
great gold medal Blesbok on the very first
day hunting!
Ron didn't let the dust settle and took this stunning
Kudu way up in the mountain on day two.
Watch this space as we update the Hunt Report after every group.
Ron Ingle & Monte Brown
Ron just couldn't let this gorgeous
Bushbuck get away either!
Look who's been playing catch-up!

Monte has taken some really lovely animals,
very impressive Blesbok and Impala and
two really nice Warthog, among them.
Monte also got this
gorgeous Kudu!
Both guys
took great
Not to mention
his monster
Ron got
one lovely
Impala and
one monster
His Prize . . . a game drive & lunch
on one of our areas exclusive Big
Five game Reserves!
Well Done Monte!
With both guys just about done
hunting & a few days to kill,
off we went to the local church
fair, and would you believe it,  
Monte wins the Sporting Clay
Shoot ! ! !
Monte was very fortunate to
take this very big and
impressive Caracal, very
close to a top 10!
It was great hosting such
completely nice guys, thanks
for a great hunt!
Next we welcome TR,
Keith and Jimmy.
TR and Keith will do
the hunting while Jimmy
is along for the ride.
TR Lane,
Keith Whiteside
& Jimmy Gibson
They also don't wait
around and start off
with a lovely Impala
and fantastic Warthog.
And then get down
to business with
these two beautiful
Gemsbok and two
great  Black
Keith is really
lucky and gets
to bag this
monster Kudu.
Check back to see what else these guys get to take back home!
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