Chris next took a lovely Bushbuck, followed by a
beautiful Nyala, followed by a Monster
Hunt Report
Chris & Rochelle
Rochelle also got to hunt and took this really
impressive Blackwildebeest,
and Very Beautiful Bontebok!
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Chris  got very lucky and took not one but two Very
Impressive animals, a Lechwe and a Scimitar Oryx.
Chris got to take this lovely Springbuck.
Look who's back!
Chris, who hunted with us
in May last year, decided
to bring his wife along this
Chris started off this years
hunt with a great Warthog,
and Rochelle with a Impala
Chris finished off this years hunt with this fantastic Serval! We really enjoyed hosting Chris and
Rochelle, two of the nicest people you'll find, and hope to welcome them back next year.
Chris took this
really great
Waterbuck and a
prickly Porcupine
as well! Chris also
got to help out and
culled these three
Chris  didn't stop
there and took
this beautiful
Zebra and
The Curry Family
Next we welcome the
Curry Family from
New Mexico
And what a great bunch!
Dad Paul started off with
a really impressive
Impala, & daughter
Juliane followed with one
of her own!
Kids Juliane and Jared each took lovely
Blue Wildebeest, Julie with a rifle and Jared with his bow.
Jared took this beautiful
Bushbuck with his bow at
night - quite amazing! he also
took this great Warthog.
Dad Paul finally got another turn and took
this really beautiful Redhartebeest
the moment this Jackal while Juliane took a nice
Then came Tuesday - Day 6 - ....
Paul and Jared both taking beautiful
Waterbuck and Paul also blessed with
this monster Eland.
The Currys also visited Kruger National Park
and got some great
A wonderful family with great values, thanks guys you where an inspiration!
Randy Atwater
The last hunter we
welcome this year is
Randy from Colorado.
Randy chiefly came to
get a leopard, but
unfortunately no such
He did
manage to
take home a
few lovely
Randy also took a
Porcupine a Baboon and
huge Jackal.
A very beautiful Bushbuck, a
rare and lovely Serval, and both
the Large and Small Spotted
Randy and his wife, Barbara
stood us to a wonderful dinner
in Franschoek, where we met
up with them on the sight
seeing leg of their safari.
Thank you to both of you for a wonderful time! What a great way to
end off our season with such a nice guy!
Randy we hope to welcome you back soon!
& on the spur of