Herb has always just loved to shoot, he has
competed on many levels - Nationals as well
as Olympics and at nearly 70 Herb shows
that he still has what it takes!
Hunt Report
Watch this space as we update the Hunt Report after every group.
Herb DeLong
Guess who's back?
One of our favourite bow hunters, Herb
DeLong all the way from California!
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Herb took both a Common and a Mountain
Reedbuck and became the first guy to walk and
stalk a Black Wildebeest and take it down
with a bow at a phenomenal 83 yards!
And what a way to finish!
He took this lovely Bushbuck and Blesbok on the
first day and a very rare Tsessebe on the third.
Herb took all three these baboons on his last day of hunting.
Herb it's been great fun having you
over with us,
thanks for the great memories!
Herb has lived a varied and interesting life and it's always fascinating to hear his
stories - write a book Herb!
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