Chris took this lovely Steenbuck early in the
hunt, despite being quite sick with a cold!
Hunt Report
Watch this space as we update the Hunt Report after every group.
Chris and Rochelle
Look who else is back!
Chris and Rochelle Reinesch from Arizona
definately our best return client!
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And then Chris got Lucky!
Real Lucky!
On the very first night in the blind Chris got his cat -
and what a lovely cat! WOW!
Rochelle decided not to be outdone - and took
this stunning Buffalo about 15 hours later!
Chris is on a roll, one lovely Common Reedbuck
and this monster Duiker!
Chris is definitely not done yet and took this great
Bushpig at 9am in the morning - very unusual!
Christopher Jr. also gets a chance and takes a
lovely Zebra on his first full hunting day!
Christopher (the younger and prettier) also gets to
take some really beautiful trophies home, one of
them this great Waterbuck and another this
lovely Nyala.
Dad also takes
home a great Mt.
Reedbuck and a
beautiful Black
Backed Jackal.
Christopher Jr. ends
of the hunt with this
beatiful and very
rare Tsessebe.
And while the men where out hunting the
ladies went on a trip to Kruger National
Click Here to see some great
photos of their experience.
Guys it was an honour to once again host such
nice decent down to earth people - we love
having you over. You make out job great!
Al and Kay Thomas
Next we welcome Al and Kay Thomas
from Greenville, South Carolina.
This is Al's second trip to Africa and he starts
out with this lovely Blesbok and
then gets to take this Really Great Duiker.
Al and Kay have joined us on the trip to Kruger Park
and in Al's own words -
"it's a must see"
And this beautiful Gemsbok.
Al also takes this fabulous Bushbuck.
Kay and Casey (their daughter who joined us
half way through the hunt) have been on some
great side trips.
Click here for a few great photos of their trips.
Al, Kay and Casey are on their way to Cape Town for a few days of sightseeing - we hope they
have a great time!
Mike and Rachel Flynn
Next we welcome Michael
and Rachel Flynn all the way
from High Springs, Florida.
Michael and Rachel are a lovely couple who
enjoy their first African safari together.
Michael has taken some really lovely animals.
Zebra, Warthog, a really great Impala and this
fab Blue Wildebeest.
Rachel got to visit our local health spa and spoils
me (Ruth) rotten with great treatments! Thanks
Rachel also gets to play with two very cute lion
cubs on the local "Lion Tour".
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It was great to host you guys, thanks for everything.