Hunt Report
Guess who's back . . . . again!
Page Four
Herb DeLong
Herb, who also hunted with us in February, just
had to get one last African hunt in for the year.
In his excitement getting out of the
blind Herb didn't pay enough
attention and ended up having very
sore feet!
Herb took some really lovely and some really
unusual animals.
Herbs main aim was to hunt Baboon and he did
that with panache!
We spent 14 days
with Herb. He
definately is one of
a kind. He took a
Bushbuck at 46
yards and the White
Blesbuck (Goat) at
58 !!!
Herb I really think we should write a book about you,
P.S. 'Whats his name' and I love you to bits!