Harley got this 52" Kudu from the same tree as
the Warthog. He eluded us late afternoon into the
evening and we found him early the next morning.
He had a 35" spread.
Hunt Report
Harley Sharrard &
Jo Camden
First we have Harley and Jo from Idaho.
A really great couple to start the season off
with.  Both bow hunters of renown !
Harley ambushed this gold medal Blesbok and
rolled it over at 12 Yards.
Jo got this 55" Kudu from a Treestand as well.
She said it is a small one at first  !!!! The
Blesbok  she shot at 40 yards and stalked on foot
to finish it off !
Harley took this  Warthog from a Treestand
with a very well placed shot !
We had a great time with you guys and look forward to
welcome you back. You will definately see us in Lewiston !!
Thanks for being such great hunters - we consider you
We got chased by the buffalo a
couple of times and they
deprived Harley of getting a shot
on this Monster Waterbuck !!!
Both Harley and Jo went through
blood, sweat and tears to get
their animals and worked really
hard - they can call themselves
real African Hunters!
Oops.... nearly forgot ... Jo also shot this
beautiful Zebra.
We discovered that Harley is also a bit of a  
poet and he was kind enough to send us some
of his work!
Click on this link to read some of his poetry.
Paul Crosby &
Pete Rinaldi
Next we welcome Paul Crosby
and Pete Rinaldi from
These great guys are on their
first trip to Africa.
Both Paul and Pete each took two
really lovely impala.
Pete also too a great Warthog - ugly isn't he - so
ugly he's pretty!
Remember Harley's monster Waterbuck . . .
well look below...
And Paul got this nice Kudu after a great stalk.
Sorry Harley . . .

Paul got it!!

This is really a

fantastic specimen

and Paul was very

Pete made up for it though with this great Blesbok and Kudu
as well as this unusually wide Waterbuck.
Both Paul and Pete are great sports and we have had a lot of fun with them around.
Thanks guys!!
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