Hunt Report
Randy Atwater
Page Two
Randy and Barbara Atwater are from
Colorado, and this was Randy's last night
in the blind after a month of trying!
Wife Barbara has been very supportive and has
been with him all the way!

Randy and Barb you are a part of the family
now, we can't believe you been here for 4 weeks
it feels like only 4 days!

Thanks for being such nice clients!

This is the third time Randy has hunted with us and
the second time that he has been after the elusive
leopard - we truly couldn't be more thrilled that he
has finally had all his patience pay off.
Kyle & Jim
Kyle who hails from North Carolina has brought  his Dad
Jim on this hunt as an observer.
This is Kyle's first African trip and he certainly started off
with a bang! taking three animals on his first day with us.
And what great animals!
First this lovely Impala
followed by this great
Warthog and a wonderful
Next Kyle took a lovely Blesbok,
and Dad Jim was there to share the moment.
After a long stalk we were lucky to have this great
Bushbuck walk out of the brush right in front of us.
Look who took his first big game animal ever!
and that at the age of 73!
Our oldest first time hunter ever!
WELL DONE JIM on your beautiful Impala!
Not to be left behind Kyle got to take this wonderful
Kudu bull after a great stalk and good shot!
Kyle's last African animal was this really nice Gemsbok.

Thanks guys for a really great hunt and great company!
A change of location was needed for Kyle's last three
animals, and he took this beautiful gold medal Springbok
and great Eland in the lovely eastern-Transvaal area.
Allan Myers &
Dale Johnson
Our next hunters are friends Allan and
Dale all the way from New Mexico.
Allan started their hunt off with this great Impala.
Then it was Dale's turn to take this really lovely big
Next it was Allan again with a fantastic Kudu!
Dale was once again behind the scope and took
this great looking Zebra.
Both Allan and Dale got a chance today and  both
of them got to take lovely Impala.
Dale was the lucky one today and took this great
Kudu deep in the mountains.
Dale once again had a great day and took a
wonderful Waterbuck.
Both Allan and
Dale find African
Allan ended off their great hunt with this really
lovely Kudu.
Thanks guys for a really nice easy going
hunt! Dale you have a quirky sense of humour
and Allan what was that in the wash...
Kyle Kesselring
for all your
Trophy Transport needs.
A great company
and all round great guy!