Hunt Report
Herb De Long,
Wally Kittman, David Hughes
Dan Ristow
Look who's back and has brought some
friends . . . all the way from Texas and
Page Three
This group of friends include both bow hunters and
rifle hunter Wally. This is Herb's fourth hunt with us
and he is as eager as ever to hunt. Taking two Impala,
two Blue Wildebeest and this lovely Waterbuck with
in the first few days.
Wally got a nice Blue Wilderbeest and two
lovely Impala and Herb also took another
lovely Impala.
Dave's wait paid off and he took a really great
Herb just had to have these great animals wow
two Springbok, a Black Wildebeest and a
Redhartebeest in just two days.
Wally also took a great Springbok and rounded
off his hunt with a lovely Blesbok and Warthog.
Herb took a great Warthog as well.
Although this is the
only animal that
Dan took he
enjoyed hunting it.
Thanks Herb, Wally, Dave and Dan for an enjoyable hunt!