Hunt Report
John &  Jack Bahr,
Ken Johnson, Mike Philips
and Tom Leeg
Next we welcome a group of friends also
from Southern California.
Page Four
John and his Dad,
Jack enjoyed the
opportunity of
hunting together.
John took a really lovely gold medal Nyala as
well as this almost 31"Waterbuck.
Ken took this Gemsbok on the last day after some
fantastic tracking by Thomas.
Ken took a really old Blue Wildebeest and
nice Impala with a well placed shots.
Mike took this Kudu after
a difficult stalk at 250
yards, he had to strip
down to their jocks to
swim through a river to
retrieve it.
Jack took this
rare Serval late
afternoon after
it walked
staight towards
Mike, you are the envy of
everyone . . . WOW what a
Jack also got a
and John a
Ken took an
Bushbuck and
stalked this Baboon
on foot which is not
an easy task.
After a lot of
searching Jack
finally also got
his Warthog.

Ken also got a
Bushpig in
broad daylight!
Mike stalked this Blesbok for 5hrs before finally
getting a shot.
Lyle and Deb Froehlich
and Dominic Palermo
Mike also
took a lovely
Impala and
Thanks guys for great laughs and good memories!
Next to last we welcome a group
from Canada!
Lyle and Deb are from Marwayne, Alberta and
Dominic, who has a funny joke to tell us every
night after dinner, comes from Timmins,
Northern Ontario.
Dominic took this really nice Impala after a
good stalk.
Dominic also had to wait patiently for
this great Warthog.
Dominic made some Fantastic Spaghetti Sauce
one evening that was delicious!
Thanks for the recipe!
This Warthog skull is a really unique trophy as it
still has the arrow head imbedded in the bone!
As Lyle is a bow hunter he had to be a lot more
patient for his animals, but he finally got his
Gemsbok after a lot of waiting!
Lyle took a
great Jackal in
the late
which is rare.
Deb shared in the moment when Lyle took this
lovely Impala.
Dominic, who is an avid
bird hunter, not only took a
lot of doves and francolin
but he prepared them for us
We also enjoyed some lovely accordion
Thanks Tonto-Goldstein Bubba!
Thanks for the laughter guys - we needed
it during this tough time!
Dominic also took this Black-backed jackal
on a night hunt.