Hunt Report
George & Kathy Stirner
Our last group of hunters for 2009 are
George and Kathy Stirner all the way from
Page Five
Kathy took this really big Blesbok after a very
good stalk between a lot of other animals.
George also put in a good stalk on this really
nice Impala.
George and Kathy are great outdoors
people and have been hunting together for
over 20 years.
George made a perfect shot on this lovely Kudu bull at
90 yards after hiking up and down the mountains for two
days chasing him.
After also chasing after them for two days,
Kathy made a perfect heart shot on this
beautiful Zebra stallion.
This wildebeest was taken on the first day, also
with a perfect heart shot!
After giving up on a long search for Gemsbok,
George took this lovely Waterbuck within
15min. of hunting for him!
What an easy going nice couple you are! Thanks guys for a lovely hunt!
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