Hunt Report
Michael Wendlandt
Lee Porch
Our first hunters in a very quiet 2010
are first time African hunters, Mike
and Lee from Montana.
Mike took this great White
Blesbok after a good stalk.
Mike took this old worn out bull
as a good will gesture, as he wouldn't
have survived another winter.
Lee got his turn, taking this lovely
Blesbok, making a well placed shot at
about 140 yards.
Mike took this great Impala late
in the late afternoon after a two
and a half hour stalk.
One of the critters
wanting to share lunch!
Mike finally got his brown Blesbok too.
Another critter that wants to
share lunch...
Lee took this  very nice Nyala just before
dark after spending a whole day looking!
The meat will go to the local community,
Thanks Mike!
Lee ends off a lovely hunt
with a beautiful Impala!
Mike also took this Monster Duiker
and nice Steenbok - on a night hunt.
Some times your just lucky and this was
one of them!
Great Day!
Not only did Mike and Lee get to hunt in the
lovely Waterberg Area,
and they got to go on a great
game drive on the consevancy.
they got to play
golf at one of our
areas new
Premium golf
courses -
Thanks for a great time you
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