Hunt Report
Ken Rutter
Next we welcome Ryan
Rutter and his Dad, Ken
all the way from
New Mexico.
Ryan started of the hunt with this
great Blesbok.
Thanks guys, we had a fantastic time laughing and joking with you both, we hope to see you
again one day!
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It was Dad Kens turn next with a
lovely Springbok, look at that
lovely "pronk!"
Ken Rutter - "Great White Hunter"
Ryan and Ken each got really
fine Impala, on the same day!
Nosey visitors !
Ryan took a liking
to the tame Suricats,
& so did Rowan
(the ph who helped
on the hunt).
Ryan did a great thing and took this lovely
Kudu trophy bull, who was in really bad
shape. Having a great big absess on his
hind leg, he would not have lasted much
longer, great job Ryan!
A trophy to be proud of.
Ryan took this nice pig on his very last day of
Dad Ken had to settle for a
slightly smaller pig...
Thanks for helping with the hunt Rowan,
you were a great help.
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Look what Ryan is up to...

Thanks for the picture Ken!

Ryan we wish you the best of
luck and God Speed!