Hunt Report
Darwin & Derek Sim,
Michael Yadlos &
Mike Kaiser
Our first hunters for 2011 are brothers
Darwin & Derek Sim, brother-in-law
Mike Kaiser and good friend
Michael "Squid" Yadlos all the way
from Alberta, Canada.
Darwin took this lovely Kudu after only a few
days of hunting and he took this big male Baboon
on the second day out!
Derek was next up with a great shot on this Impala.
Squid did not hesitate one bit  after seeing this very
impressive Kudu. A quick well placed shot and 40
tads further it went down.
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Derek did not leave anything to chance and also got
this "beautiful" warthog. He rounded his safari off
with a excellent Kudu.
Darwin bagged this very nice old Gemsbuck
cow after an early morning wake-up.
Squid fell ill a couple of days before the end and actually missed about four days. We left early
again on the last morning to try and get him a Hartebeast and Blesbuck.
We had perfect morning  - he had both by 9 am after a great stalk and two great shots.
The last afternoon yielded two Warthogs in
40 mins. The lucky guys were Squid and
Darwin. This meant the end of a great hunt
and time for all of us .... Then came "Super
Saturday " and it was time for our new friends
to leave... We sure hope to welcome you
guys  back again .... Darwin that includes you
We also got the "Gecko" in the spirit and Mike took
a well placed shot at this nice Impala ram after a
long stalk !!
Squid also had some good unwanted
company while we were tracking. He and
"15" (to the right) became inseparable.