Hunt Report
Ron Ingle
Terry Tindle
We are very pleased to once again
welcome Ron Ingle to Safari Afrika!
He brings his cousin Terry Tindle all
the way from Kansas.
Terry was up first and made a perfect
180 yd. shot on this very nice Blesbuck !
Terry also had the second chance and took
this nice old Impala at a distance of about
170 yds.
Ron was up next and got this beautiful dark
Zebra stallion with a heart shot at 170 yd.
It is nice to have Ron and Terry who are
both such great shots!
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Ron went on the rampage and shot a nice
Mountain Reedbuck  and Blue wildebeest and
Bushpig in one day !!!  
The Bushpig was a last minute decision,
just before we left the hunting area !
We then left for a 2 day trip to a different
concession with our hosts Willie and Gerda  
Roux. We were very fortunate to get Terry this
magnificent Kudu on the hillside after he made a
fantastic 250 yd. shot !

You should be a happy camper on this one Terry
!! The Ron man decided one Bushpig is not
enough and took a second one with a perfect
brain shot !!!
He made great shots on all his animals and not a
lot of tracking was necessary
Ron had Caracal in mind and we went out night hunting for a couple of nights and had an
amazing experience - 4 different Civet cat sightings in one night !!!
Ron decided to end his safari with a bang and within a space of 20 min. took this
Excellent Bushbuck and great Impala.
We really had a great time again with Ron and his cousin Terry. We hope to see both of you back
again !!! Look out for our next exciting hunt report !!! There e should be some GREAT pictures !!!