Hunt Report
Eric Rauhanan
We welcome Eric all the way from
Alberta Canada . This is Eric's second
trip to Africa with the first one being in
the late 90's.
Eric is an Outfitter in Alberta and hunts
Bear, Moose, Whitetail, Elk etc. Check
his website out at
Eric's first animal was this beautiful Zebra.
Next he made a perfect shot on this Gembok
bull which tipped over after a couple of
Weather conditions worsened with some
real cold and windy weather moving in
which made bow-hunting very difficult.
Eric shot this Wildebeest on his last
afternoon at 70 yds. The wind drifted the
arrow a bit and caused us to have to follow
it up with Marco's dog Stich, who did a
great job!!!
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Eric opted to try an early morning hunt on his departure day and how right he was.
He took both this great Kudu and Impala at 27 yds.
We had a great hunt with Eric and would surely welcome him back !
Remember to contact Eric at
Eric who had Red Hartebeest on his
wish-list was lucky enough to have this
Excellent bull walk in and Eric again made a
perfect shot at 22 yds.