Hunt Report
Victor, Lindsay &
Shannon Svetlay
Vic's main aim on this hunt was leopard.
We sat on day 3 with definite activity the
previous night . See link to video below !!
Nothing pitched that night and they went on
their 3 day Kruger Trip.
The next week were slow hunting as weather changed
a lot and we spent lots of time on supplementing and
checking bait.
On June 27 his second last night Vic finally got lucky
and bagged this beautiful 7' 6" , 177 lb. Tom !!! Vic
could not have asked for any more on his first trip
(hopefully of many ) to Africa
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Vic also wanted Hartebeest and Kudu. We were lucky enough to spot this monster Hartebeest and
put a good stalk in on him. We changed hunting area and found this Kudu in the first 5 min. Vic
called it a day !!! It was really great to meet all you guys and we sure hope they will be back again .
Look forward to seeing you guys in January !!
It first started with the Warthog with the
monster warts on the left. Next we ran accross
the oldtimer above. He had only 3 legs stubby
ears and was definitely on his last legs !!!
Next we welcome Victor and
Lindsay Svetlay with daughter
The Svetlays hail from Atlanta,
Georgia. We were privileged to take
this lovely family on a Kruger Trip!

Click here to see a slide show of this
wonderful trip!
Vic contemplated going shopping with the ladies but
luckily changed his mind. The next 4 animals were
taken on the last afternoon of his hunt.
Vic got this
nice Blesbuck
on his return
Wife Lindsay and
daughter  Shannon  got  to  do  some  fun                                      side-trips; here they are on a lion
                   drive, not only did they see lion up close but also got to pet them!
We all enjoyed
watching the total
eclipse of the Moon
that took place on
the night that the
Svetlays arrived.
Thanks to Vic's
great camera we got
some really great
Rowan is now the
proud owner of this
awesome camera -
Thanks to Vic!
Lindsay and Shannon's fun trips!
Shannon and Lindsay decided to do one of my
favorite things...visit the spa!
Shannon thought it was fantastic! and one of the
prettiest spas she has ever been to!