Hunt Report
Roy Enter
Dr. James Huckabay
Later on day one Jim made a perfect 220 yd. shot
on this exceptional Blesbuck !!
What a treat Jim is! He only sees the good in
everything !!!
Roy was very patient
on this Kudu and
finally made an
excellent shot at
about 200 yds.
Rowan spotted him
in a thick bush.
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Roy joined us a couple of days later and had
some  catching up to do . . . which he did, taking a
monster Impala, Blesbuck and
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After some travel problems Jim joined us first and
started his first hunting day with a bang taking this
real nice old Impala ram.
We set out on the last day to get 2 Springbuck. Both Jim
and Roy got beautiful specimens. This concluded a
good hunt and memorable time for all of us !!!!
Roy bagged this beautiful old Gemsbuck bull with
a well placed shot. The warthogs gave us the
run-around for a while and Jim finally got and old
female and one for the Barbeque !!
Next we welcome old friends Roy Enter and Jim
Huckabay of Denver, CO and Ellensburg, WA
all in
one day !!!
We waited for about an hour and a half for him to
step out !! Below an example of the gorgeous
sunsets we have  !
Jim, author of "Wild Winds"(And Other Tales of
Growing up in the Outdoor West) always had an
interesting story to tell.