Hunt Report
Tommy Freestone
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It was a great pleasure to have Tommy
Freestone join us for a Leopard hunt.
Tommy with friend Brent hail all the
way from Arizona.
Tom made a great shot with his 375 H&H
magnum and this amazing cat dropped
right out of the tree.
This hunt ended successfully on night one due to
good pre-baiting and the help of PH Rowan Zerf.
Technology also
played a big role
in the success of
this hunt as we
were able to
monitor this cats
movements with
our trail cams and
could make a
decision about
where and when
the cat would hit
the bait.
Friend Brent also got a chance to hunt something
while he was with us for a few days, he got to
take a great Blesbok at 185 yards.
Thanks guys, we really
enjoyed the few days we
hunted with you!