Hunt Report
Enrique Robles
& Eduardo Gomez
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Next we welcome friends Enrique
and Eduardo all the way from
They only had 2 or 3 days to get a
honey badger, Civet and Brown
Tom made a great shot with his 375 H&H
magnum and this amazing cat dropped
right out of the tree.
Erique also had needed no motivation
after we spotted this nice 4 5/8
Klipspringer !
Enrique also decided to  take a nice Zebra while we were
waiting to get a chance at Civet on night 2 !
This hunt ended successfully in 2
days  due to good pre-baiting and the
help of a great PH - Rowan Zerf.
We were lucky enough to get the Honey Badger on day
one !
Enrique took this beautiful Civet after a
couple hours on the bait !
Thanks guys for all the fun and
laughter you crammed into just a
couple of days!
It was great hunting with you!