Hunt Report
Earl Lanning and Don Kimmel
with Earl's grandsons Kip Ray and Ryan Sutton
and also Earl's daughter June Ray
We are very happy to welcome old friends
Earl and Don on a buffalo hunt!
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We had 2 Dagga's hunting 2 Daggas ! First up was Don and
he made an excellent shot with his 8 lb. 450 Alaskan Double!
He had a shot at about 60 yds after a well planned stalk!
The Buff only made it another 15 yds before expiring !
Earl has also
brought family
members June,
Kip and Ryan
on this
hunting trip.
The whole entourage with Earl and his Dagga !
Ryan , Kip and daughter June !
Earl were up second on the Buffalo and made good shot
on this old guy with his 500 Merkel ! The only one older
than the Buffalo was Earl!
Don also added Blesbuck , Gemsbuck and a monster Warthog to his bag!
All with well placed shots !
Earl took a very nice Kudu
with his trustworthy 375
H&H as well as Zebra and
Impala. He is a very
accomplished shot that could
teach many a young guy how
it's done!
Ryan took the first animal of the
Safari with a well planned stalk
on this
Blue Wildebeast!
He also added a nice Warthog
and then went onto birdhunting !  
She spent a  morning at the spa and also got to walk with some Lions!
Kip took a great Kudu way up
in the mountains and had a great
stalk ! He also added a nice
Warthog and Impala to his take.
All one shot kills with a 270 !
I salute Earl and
Don, at 80 and 74
respectively for
achieving this
awesome feat!
(I heard a bird
whistle Leopard
might be next!)
June also
got to do
a little
We really enjoyed hosting such a great fun group!

Thanks guys for the fun memories!
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