Hunt Report
Mikhail Vyshegorodtsev
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Next we welcome Mikhail all
the way from
Moscow in Russia.
Mikhail had to postpone his hunt with 2 weeks
to get a new Passport.
He had a flight delay and it took him 2 days to get here !

We made it all worthwhile with a first night leopard !
He decided he also like to try for a Honey Badger ! That he got the
second night - also a perfect shot !  We can be lucky because on day 3
we had the firsT of our Summer rains and it bucketed down 5 " !!

We had a great short hunt with Mikhail
-  a true gentleman !! We hope to see
you again sometime !
Mikhail used a  Blaser in 300 WM. He also had an
excellent night vision Scope that enabled us to
shoot without any light ! He made an absolute
perfect shot with the cat going straight down !