Hunt Report
Neil Horn & Don Caldwell
We start off the 2013 hunting season
with friends and hunting buddies Neil
Horn and Don Caldwell all the way
from Roanoke, Virginia
~ welcome guys!
And what and AMAZING way to start!!!!
Page One
Stalking in the open!
But that was just the start . . .
Both guys
starting off the
first day with
Don took this 29.5 " Waterbuck bull later in
the day with a perfect shot !
Neil's Kudu headed straight for the
thick stuff and ended up in the

This monster weighed in excess
of 900lbs and measured
54 " !!!
Day two also went well with
Neil taking this very unusual and striking 22 "
Impala ram after almost a full day of stalking!
And then came day three . . .
And what another awesome day!!

Don was very blessed to take this
awesome 60 "  inch Kudu. Biggest  
for us in 15 years of hunting !
Unknowingly he listed a 60 inch Kudu
on his wish list !!!

- every African hunters dream!
Congratulations Don!
What could Neil do to follow
Don's Kudu? . . .

Take a fantastic 29 and an half
inch Blue Wildebeest!
Congratulations Neil!
And by the way -
Don spent
day five
taking this
really nice
Neil missed out on a shot
yesterday on his birthday but
was rewarded with this nearly
17 " Bushbuck !!!
And then it was back to hunting!
Don taking a beautiful Gemsbok and Neil taking this
gorgeous Waterbuck.
Don and other interesting creatures!
What a great beginning to the 2013 hunting
season! - Thanks so much guys!
As th guys had such phenomenal
success with the hunting they gave
themselves a day off and spent it
                  having fun!
After days for just missing out on getting a
Warthog, Neil finally got his pig on the very last
afternoon of hunting!
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