It was a waiting game and after what felt like an eternity this beautiful old lady finally stood up on the
ledge. That was when we realized the second female was ready to charge from below. Hairy stuff...but
once again the faithful .375 echoed through the valley...she tumbled down about
20 yards and lay still as the bullet found it's mark.
Hunt Report
Chris and Rochelle Reinesch
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Page Two
Look who's back!

We are very happy to
welcome back two of our
favourite people in the world
- Chris and Rochelle
We were on the look out for the lionesses from day
one because we know they would be tougher to
locate than the male, as he was less mobile and more
vocal than them. We found 2 other lionesses from a
they were not the ones we were looking for.

We carried on further and came across the Big Mans
fresh  tracks and low and behold about 500 yrds
further we found him laying in the shade.

We paused for a while and started the stalk after he
lifted his head. He immediately acknowledged our
presence with a growl and seriously twitching tail.
Page Ten
Chris was a little shell shocked but jumped
at the opportunity. We also acquired the
hunting right on a couple of females and
Chris immediately said he would like
Rochelle to also have the opportunity to hunt
a lioness.
We knew it could be tough, as it took us 7
days on the previous lioness.    
Chris and Rochelle are our
hosts every year in the USA,  
and have become like family.
We always enjoy their
When the opportunity of some free ranging lion hunting
came our way, I immediately thought of and contacted
Chris, who I know has always wanted a nice Black
Mane Lion. There was one older male and some female
that needed to make way for a new generation.
We finally got the opportunity we have been waiting for.
The distance was 145 yards. There was one female
watching our lady from the top of the cliff and we had no
idea where the other one was.
He started walking off ... I whistled
and for a brief moment he stopped.
Chris was already set up on the sticks
and when he stopped the .375 broke
the midday silence. He veered our
way a little for about 30 yards and
started stumbling  going down in a
cloud of dust.

It all happened so fast and we where
so glad that Chris had his big beautiful
Black mane Lion in the salt !!
He had a massive
26.5" skull!!!
We spent the next four days trying to get Rochelle a shot.
This finally materialised on day six after we cover quite a
few miles stalking them...
and met some
creatures along the
After experiencing a very exciting adrenalin
producing stalk in which females from two
separate prides got into a fight! We finally
came up on the female we were looking for
cornered on a ledge on the side of a mountain
by the other two female lion she had just been
fighting with!
We are looking forward to seeing you guys again soon and feel privileged to have experienced
this awesome hunt with you both!
This was an incredible hunt with incredible people!
A once in a lifetime experience!