Second we welcome buddies Brian
Uken from North Carolina & Mark
Eisenhart all the way from Missouri!
Hunt Report
Brian Uken & Mark Eisenhart
And once again it's off to a fantastic
first day!
Brian took this lovely Blesbok
and then . . .
this beautiful - very old -
Blue Wildebeest.
Brian's turn again and what a
Kudu Bull to
take on your very first
hunting day in South Africa!
Mark ended day one with a  well
placed shot from his 375 H& H to
take down this great Impala Ram !!!  
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Mark also got a turn and took a
really lovely Blesbok too.
Mark and Brian are fortunate to be the
first hunters we have taken to a new and
extremely beautiful new concession we
have started hunting on!
They had some
really interesting
Some of the
creatures we
spotted...or who
spotted us!
I think the guys are
glad we hunt on this
side of the fence!
The Impala's
around for most
of the day but
Brian finally got
his chance and
made a great shot
on a really nice
First up early morning was Mark. By
7.20 am he had this stallion (who will find
a permanent home in Missouri) down.

Before noon we had Brian's Zebra in the
skinning shed after an eventful stalk.
It takes
to load a
Brian and Mark do some Spotting!!
The end of another Beautiful Day.
We took Sunday morning
off to hang  some leopard
baits !

And look what our camera
traps caught!
We went out in
the afternoon
to try get a
We were lucky enough to get this
great Hartebeast!
And just look what Monday brought!!!
We are getting into trouble ..... another
Kudu in excess of 56 " . When will the run
stop ??? Congratulations to Mark on a
Great Trophy !!!
beautiful Waterbuck - Well done
We took this jackal at
ten in the
We also saw a most unusual
looking Kudu today.
Day eight brought Mark number 7 !!! And a happy camper he
was bagging this great Pumba !!
Mark ended
day 7 on a high
note getting
this really big
Black Backed
Jackal after
less than 2 min
with the caller
After sitting in a blind for two
nights and some arguments
about what the best hunting  
strategy would be . . . Mark
finally got this
very beautiful Civet!
Thanks guys for making it once again a very enjoyable
and fun time!
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