We are very happy to welcome friends
Richard Whitney and John Grigsby all
the way from Indiana.
Hunt Report
Rick Whitney &
John Grigsby
Page Three
Rick was short on John's heels and was only too
happy to oblige with his lovely Impala.
John got first opportunity and kicked off
his Maiden Voyage in Africa with this
Rick started the day well with a well placed shot
on this lovely Blesbok.
The day ended quite unexpectedly with elated
spirits with Rick's Phenomenal Warthog.
John's turn again and he made full use of it
with another lovely Impala.
Rowan, our resident PH's Smile says it all.
The guys got to hunt on some very
scenic areas.
Always fun
to see
Rick too this really awesome
Nyala in the late afternoon.

Fortunately he was
wearing a white cap today
(unlike some previous hunters
who shall remain nameless...)
which is probably why he got
his bull!
Well Done Mr. Whitney!
Rick finished off his Quota for his 3rd
Africa Hunting trip in style with a
marvelous Waterbuck bull in some trying
windy conditions.
On his way in to help the hunting party load the
Waterbuck, Richard spotted some warthogs, one
of which had great dental work. Some 2 hours
later John bagged that very hog after making a
more than worthy stalk.
John decided he wasn't quite done on day 4 and pushed through the hot sun, very little cover and an
hour stare down with a herd of weary kudu and in the end his perseverance prevailed and was
rewarded with his very first grey ghost.
frustration we came up on some fresh
Gemsbuck tracks. After about a mile of
tracking the spoor we spotted a herd through
the trees in a clearing up ahead. John's
tenacity paid off and he made a perfect shot
at 180yards and claimed this beautiful
Gemsbok his own. What a way to end of your
African Safari. Well done Mr. Grigsby
Thanks guys for an enjoyable hunt!
Hope you enjoy your great
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