After making sure the guns weren't
too manhandled during the flight
and everything was tight and
zeroed, we headed out in pursuit of
Klipspringer. The entire hunting
party headed up the mountain on
foot with backpacks with water and
supplies in anticipation of a long
hard day in the mountains. It wasn't
15 minutes when this Gem of a ram
scaled up a rock face and stood.
Jeff made a perfect broadside shot
at 110 yards and kicked off his
15 year dream to hunt Africa.  
Hunt Report
Jeff & Troy Beaver
Page Four
Next we welcome Jeff Beaver
and his son Troy from
Salisbury, North Carolina.
After an eventful day of
seeing lots of new fauna and
flora and acclimatizing to
the new environment we
headed back early to
prepare ourselves
and our gear for a long wait
Once again Richards thorough pre-baiting regiment
paid off and Jeff's well placed shot, fired out of
Rowan's 107 year old 7x57, at 6:25pm got Jeff his
second trophy of the day and as you can see it's a
monster hog! Probably one of the biggest ever
hunted here at Safari Afrika.
What an end to day one.
Day 2 started bright and early in
persuit of Kudu and Zebra. The
morning was rather frustrating with
an ever changing wind blowing our
cover more often than not.
This once in a lifetime Warthog simply
trotted in while we were waiting for Kudu
and Troy claimed his quarry and joined his
Dad on the pages of the Safari Afrika hunt
Reports for the first time.
Eventually Rowan suggested to sit tight and wait for Zebra
the patient tactic Jeff took his Stallion.
With a poor and inconsistent wind With
a poor and inconsistent wind decided
that we would sit once again, but in
another area to wait for Kudu. We hadn't
even got settled when fortune went our
way again and Mother Nature smiled
upon Troy.
We headed out bright and
early on day three in pursuit of
plains game on an fantastic
new concession that has been
closed to commercial hunting
for the last 8 years.

This is the second set of
clients that have had the
privilege of hunting this 8000
acre property since it has been
been re-opened.
The result of a property
with no hunting for so long
means 2 things, lots of
Troy's delighted
expression on both his
Blesbuck and Impala tells
the whole story.

Well done Troy!
Richard deserves a special
mention for going where no one else
wanted to go!
(hope you had a clean jock on!)
Wearing only his underwear he searched
for the ram with his feet in the murky
He managed to find it just before dark.
Later in the day the hunting party positioned themselves on
the outskirts of a drier than usual wetland area which is
known for its large population of bushbuck. Within minutes
there were many bushbuck in the area and eventually a
shooter ram was spotted. Jeff and Rowan moved off in
pursuit & after about 20 minutes Jeff made a perfect off
hand shot some 80 yards across the water.
Then the fun began - the ram headed straight for the water
and dove in - submerging out of sight.
We left camp before sunrise on day 6 once again in
search of kudu, this time up in the mountains. Rowan and
Troy headed up on foot and spent all of 4 hours in there
and eventually stalked within 120 yards of a herd, but the
bull remained motionless for more than 30 minutes and
eventually moved off without presenting a shot.
Definitely  the most interesting bushbuck
encounter ever.
Well done Jeff on taking this astoundingly wide Bushbuck.
After a heart pounding
encounter yesterday when
this Lioness growled at us but
would not present a shot, Jeff and Troy
went out early this morning with great
excitement to hunt Africa's most
dangerous predator.
And what an interesting hunt! After
searching from early morning we
finally traced the group of four
Lionesses we were after.
Adrenalin was pumping when we stalked
them through the tall Savanna grass, but once
again they eluded us and would not present a
shot. When we had finally given up and
decided to try for Kudu instead Richard
spotted ears through the long grass.
Jeff made a perfect heart shot that actually split the
heart in two and dropped this gorgeous cat .
(And thank you for making such a good shot!)
all the       
excitement settled
down the guys
continued hunting for
Kudu and had some
On their very last day in South Africa
Jeff and Troy took on the extreme 19th
golf hole at our nearby golf resort and
nature reserve.

When the pilot asked if they wanted
the "granny" flip or "adventure" ride
Troy was quick to say "Adventure!"
And poor Dad Jeff had to suffer the

But WOW what an AMAZING ride!

And what a GREAT golfing experience!
Accessible only by
helicopter, with the tee
set 400m up on the  
majestic Hanglip
Mountain and played to a
green the shape of Africa
some 400m below, the
Extreme 19th is bucket
list experience!
Thanks guys for a
memorable hunt - you are
an awesome father and
son team!
Thanks to Rowan Zerf for an interesting and colourful Hunt Report!
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