Hunt Report
King Janes
Welcome to Don Fowler and
King Janes all the way from
Page Five
We arrived on one of our
concessions at about 7:30am on
the morning of day 1 in search of
Impala, Kudu and Zebra  on this
paradisal 8000 acre property.
It wasn't long before we came up
on a really good Blue Wildebeest,
and even though it wasn't on either Don or King's wish list, Rowan suggested that someone ought to take
this magnificent trophy as they don't come around every day.
Don stuck his hand up first, and after some interesting events and minor complications Don
managed to bag his Wildebeest and started his maiden voyage on his African Hunting journey.   
King took his time searching
for impala, and came up on
several shooter rams that
simply didn't present a shot.
After several hours of
frustrating and unsuccessful
attempts, he shocked the entire
hunting party by making a
nearly impossible shot through
the brush look easy, as he
picked a small opening and put
his 180gr Barnes x Triple
shock bullet out of his
300WSM in the perfect spot
and took a beautiful Impala.
After observing the local
skinning and caping Afrika we
headed out to try and push our
luck for the last hour and a half
of daylight in search of kudu.
We spotted several average
bulls, and missed all of 3
opportunities on a specific
bull that we were more than
happy with. eventually 15
minutes before dark we came
up on the very same bull again.
This time Don wasn't going to
let grass grow under his feet
and dropped the bull in its
What a lovely end to day one!
We got word of a good Kudu
bull's presence on one of our
good kudu concessions and we
rushed out early morning in
search of exactly such an
animal. We spotted the animal
but we came up trumps as it
disappeared into the thick
brush. We gave up chase and
decided to look for impala on
another concession only to have
luck on our side yet again, and
King joined his lifelong hunting
buddy on our hunt report with a
great kudu Bull.
These critters really
proved how elusive
and shifty they are and
we spent the rest of the
good position and have
the drop on them and
eventually at around
3pm, after 5 hours of
trying to get into a good
position, Don ended
day 2 on yet another
high with this really old
and prestigious Impala
As we were up 5 animals in 2 days we decided to retreat back to camp and take the afternoon off. After
reflecting on the last 2 days of exceptional hunting, the entire party retreated to their separate beds
early as day 3 would be a real early start for some.
Rowan and Don where out long before
dawn to climb after Gemsbok up quite steep
mountains, but all there efforts today where
for naught and they had to come back home
without their Gemsbok.

King and Richard tried for Blesbok and
after circling and circling for hours because
they just couldn't get a shot King finally took
this beautiful Blesbok at an incredible
250 yards.
Great shot King!
In the afternoon King and Richard went to
another nearby concession and started looking
for Zebra. Once again Kings fine
marksmanship was shown as he took this
awesome Zebra with a perfect shot.
Saturday we took a day of rest and while
King enjoyed our varanda Don
experienced a Wilderness Spa!
The Gentlemen had a tough couple of days to come as we
were in search of Gemsbok for both of them, and after long
blinds we still were empty handed. We arrived home late
the evening and around a light dinner Don decided that he
was tired of this dry spell and wanted to go for Blesbok in
the morning.
Knowing of a herd of in excess of 100
Blesbok in an open plain nearby we
set out early the next morning. It took
about an hour of trying to find the right
ram, and then waiting for him to be
standing on his own, as we don't want
to wound anything standing behind our
Don made his well placed 181 yard
shot look easy and claimed a
beautiful Blesbok for himself.
Well Done Don!  
Nine days later and still no success on
Gemsbok, Don and King were makeing
peace with the fact that they both might
go home without one. We Left camp at
05:15 on an hour journey to a new
concession that claimed to have a healthy
population of Gemsbok, but no one knew
what to expect.

We did the necessary paperwork over a
quick cup of coffee but rolled out and
started the hunt immediately thereafter
with much anticipation.  After about an
hour we came up on a lone Bull
Rowan and King sneakily slid off the back of the truck and proceeded to stalk the bull who was staring
straight at us! We were bogged down for what seemed like an eternity. We managed to get into a better
shooting position as the bull put his head down briefly, unfortunately as only his head was now sticking
out from behind a tree and we had to wait for a long time once again for the bull to move.
When he did King didn't miss a beat and grounded his bull at 120 yards.
We took care of the trophy and took it back to the skinning shed and started all over again
for Don's Gemsbok.
We struggled to find a herd again in the heat of
the day. We found a herd down at a watering
hole about 600 yards ahead of us, but there were
all sorts of critters between us and them so we
approached slowly, stopping, dodging and diving
in order not to get bust.

We got setup along the outskirts of the watering
hole some 40 yards from an unsuspecting giraffe
grazing peacefully by itself. We hadn't been
sitting  for all of 5 minutes when Rowan spotted
a Gemsbok bull in the corner of he's eye
approaching from behind us.
We were bogged down once again and we couldn't move but Don managed to get his gun up, and
realized that this may be his only chance on a Gemsbok, took charge of the situation and decided to
shoot the bull that was approaching fast, at about 30 yards. It wasn't the biggest trophy but it was a
thrilling and exciting stalk and we set off back home with a bunch of happy campers with elated spirits
all round.
Thanks guys for an eventful, interesting and fun hunt!
Thanks to Rowan Zerf for another colourful and interesting Hunt Report!
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