Hunt Report
Dan Peyerk
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We are very happy to welcome
back Dan Peyerk all the way
from Detroit, Michigan.
Dan hunted with us three weeks
ago for a few days and took
this really  beautiful, old
Bushbuck ram.
Cliff Walker.
We rushed around early on Sunday morning getting
all the blinds setup and fresh baits hung in
anticipation of the arrival of Don, who was
returning to us for a second time, as his first
attempt at getting a strange bunch of night critters
wasn't as successful as he anticipated the first time
Dan arrived, we rushed to the
shooting range, checked his custom
built 280 Remington rifle and then
rushed off to where a baiting site had
been hot with hyena two subsequent
evenings before.
Dan and Rowan hiked up the
mountain to the blind and got settled
just before dark.  As was predicted,
the hyena was in first just after dark,
but Dan struggled to get it in his
sights before it took off.
Twelve minutes later the
hyena was back in and this
time Dan made sure and lined
up his red dot in his
crosshairs perfectly on the
front shoulder and the shot
rang true taking the
magnificent and shy beast off
its feet.
Once again Dan and Rowan were in
the blind before dark, and once again
the first animals came in right after
dark, but this time there was a snag.
Around the main bait of Zebra ribs,
were a bunch of scattered chickens,
and instead of feeding on them in
sight of the hunters, they ran in
snatched one, ran off and lay in the
thick stuff some 20 yards away in
complete safety.
continued for 6 hours and both the
white-tailed mongoose and badger
took part. Eventually after the cold
of the night set in deep in the hunters
bones, they decided to abandon the
hunt for the rest of the evening and
rethink their strategy in  the morning.
Rowan suggested
stringing the chickens up
and tying them to the
post of the main bait,
and although he wasn't
able to sit the following
night as he was busy
with Charles' hunt
during the day, Richard
was more than happy to
oblige , and came home
with not one but Two

Well Done Dan.
We had another bait setup
fairly close to base camp that
was being frequented by
bush-pig, honey badger,
white-tailed Mongoose &
Serval. Most of which were
still outstanding on Dan's list
of African Animals - all
except the bush-pig.  
We also got footage of two
White-tailed mongoose on one of our
bait sites. Dan showed interest
immediately as he did not have an
opportunity at on of these animals
ever before ! Once again we used the  
cordless microphones to help us
determine when anything came close .
The mongoose were in soon after dark
and Dan got this 14 lb mongoose with
a well placed shot ! Congrats again to
Dan  !
Dan was so kind as to bring us a really light weight and good
quality branch trimmer, he was also kind enough to show us how it's
done! Thanks Dan!
Dans next hunt was for very
quick and agile Rock Hyrax or
"Dassies" as we call them.
Dan showed once again what a
great marksman he is and took
As you can see they are pretty
big fellas!
An interesting rodent was this very big Porcupine that Dan
took on a night hunt.
It's going to make a very neat mount to add to Dan and his wife
Charlotte's interesting collection.
The next unusual critter Dan took was this Slender or Black tailed Mongoose - a very feisty and
lightning fast creature that took some sharp shooting to get!
Last but not least Dan took this extremely
elusive and beautiful African Wild Cat.
Dan and wife Charlotte have created a
sanctuary in Alcona County, Michigan
specifically to educate and inspire school
children with a love of nature and to give them
a broader perspective on the world.
We think thats AWESOME!
Thanks Dan for the fun times and jokes - we really enjoyed hosting you!
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