Hunt Report
Charles and Maureen Kaye
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Charles was no stranger to guns
and shooting and enjoyed target
shooting on the range, but never
had the desire to hunt. When he met
Richard and Ruth at a hunting show
in Phoenix, he quickly grew a
desire, and upon doing some
research and checking in on a few
of Safari Afrika's past clients, he
committed to a hunt.
After about an hour of constantly         
being just out of range of the impala we
suddenly came up on a group of
warthogs with a nice boar amongst
them.  We shifted our attention over to
the hogs and Charles took his first
animal ever, here in Africa with the
nostalgic 9,3x62 at 135 yards, within
his first 3 hours ever spent on hunting!
Welcome Charles and Maureen
Kaye from Phoenix, Arizona.
Great to have you guys with us!
After a luscious  breakfast Charles
set out with a burning desire and
Richards 9,3 x 62 to one of our 8000
acre concessions. There was a ton of
game (as there always is) and after
about an hour of scratching around
looking for Impala, we spotted two
good looking solitary rams and
started our pursuit on foot.
Arriving on South African shores a day later due to flight complications, his eagerness to reach a new
personal milestone, was momentarily overridden by a fatigued and jet lagged body. We checked the
guns but decided to postpone the start of the hunt to the following morning.
Later that afternoon as things
were really quiet after the hog,
Rowan suggested sitting around
times before.

Low and behold  some 90 minutes
later one of the biggest impala's
we've ever had the privilege of
hunting stepped in and within a
few minutes Charles was up two
animals on his first day.
We think that's pretty amazing! Well Done Charles!
We spent the next day sitting in a
blind with lovely wife Maureen
waiting for Zebra to show
themselves but sadly without
success. Charles spend the next
day experiencing the spot and stalk
And what a
successful day!
Well Done Charles
another great shot
and an awesome
And thanks to
Jeanette for all her

Charles, Maureen - thank you!
It was great meeting you guys, it was great
fun showing you one of our favourite
places - Kruger National Park!
We hope you enjoyed it too.
See you soon in Arizona!
Charles and Maureen spent the next four days
experiencing the Kruger National Park with Ruth as
their guide.
Click here to see their great photos.
We are very proud of the choice that
Charles made regarding this very
beautiful wide-horned
old Kudu bul.

Consensus was that it would not see
out the winter season,
Charles knew straight away that this
was the right Kudu to take as his
breeding days and best days were

"George" will live on in memory in
Arizona as a proud and beautiful
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