Hunt Report
Chris and Christine Woods of Cross
Canyon Arms with Zack Moye
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Safari Afrika is very pleased to
welcome Chris & Christine
Woods of
Cross Canyon Arms all
the way from Salt Lake City, Utah.
Although Chris' main focus was  Leopard they all enjoyed some other great hunting, taking Sable,
Klipspringer, Warthog, Bushbuck, Honey Badger, Blesbok and Waterbuck. Richard and Zack also got
to try out their phenomenal rifle and both shot great Impala. Zack is a photographer and camera man
from Savannah, Georgia who joined the team of Cross Canyon Arms to showcase their awesome
rifles.  See some of his gorgeous photos in the slideshow below for a Hunt Report with a difference!
You can contact Zack at this email address
We started baiting a couple weeks before Chris and his team arrived as we had scheduled our two 2013
leopard hunts back to back and were very fortunate to have cats everywhere on bait, with 12 in total on 4
different baits at the start of the first hunt. There were two good sized males on bait, one of which we
dubbed "Smiley"..... Smiley seem to have had inside info. On the schedule and disappeared pretty much
the day we picked Chris and his team up from the airport!

As we had another good male on bait as well, we decided to leave and go for the Sable and Waterbuck
first to give Smiley a little time to get back in routine. We left in the early hours to give us some good
hunting time after the 5 hour drive to a beautiful 12,000 acre concession.
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During our absence Ruth had checked the baits and we realised that
Smiley behaving like a typical tom-cat and was chasing girls! never
being in the same spot twice ... We tried to outsmart him over the
next 10 days but to no avail ...     
Chris had a big decision to make, extend his trip and try for a
couple more nights or fly home with Cristine and Zack. He decided
to send Christine and Zack back on their own and stay another 6
It is never too late to be successful...The last
night at roughly 10 pm this male walked in and
Chris fired about the same time the light came
on, he had already had the cat in his sights
thanks to the good moon that was out that night!
They have brought along camera man
Zack Moye to capture their awesome
African hunt with these unique rifles!
Chris and Christine are hunting with
their very own Cross Canyon Arms
rifles - Chris is using a Cross Canyon
300 TCM and Christine is using a
Cross Canyon 300TSM.
I take my hat off to Chris for his perseverance and good mood
through some frustrating times with the Leopards on this hunt
... it takes a lot  of dedication to keep going night after night
and Chris was always 100% dedicated to this hunt!
Chris has already said he wants to be back ... to track down
We spent one day on one of our concessions looking for Bushbuck and Klipspringer as well as
Blesbuck, these all came in quick succession with excellent shot placement on all of them !!!
Thanks guys for an Awesome hunt! See you in Salt Lake!
After getting unpacked we headed out. We saw about 10 Sable bulls in one group but decided to keep
looking a little longer for a nice bull. The rest of the day was slow on Sable with only one 35" bull
getting within shooting range. Late afternoon we spotted a very nice old Waterbuck bull and decided to
try and get within shooting range. After about 20 mins of nearly having a shot a couple of times the
silence was broken by the Cross Canyon Arms 300 TCM. The shot was 250 yards and a mere formality
for this rifle. The Waterbuck reacted well and we went closer to get a blood trail. Finding very little we
sent a little Jack Russell on the track and soon he pointed us in the right direction! A VERY  nice
Waterbuck down.

The Sables gave us the slip the next day but both Zack and I each managed to bag very nice Impala, with
the 300 TCM ... what a great gun! Has about zero recoil !! The last day of our scheduled 3 day hunt we
bumped into quite a big group of Sables. We passed on the group but found a nice lone bull only a
couple hundred yards further. Christine got into position and made a cracking shot with this old bull
ploughing to the ground within 30 yrds.