Hunt Report
Darren & Lori McClellan
Our 2014 hunting season starts
with Darren & Lori Mc Clellan
from Indiana
And what and AMAZING way to start....AGAIN!
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Darren took this lovely Zebra and (so ugly its pretty)
Warhog on their very first day!
Thanks guys for starting the 2014 hunting season in such a great way!
Darren then got down to
business and on day two
he took this outstanding
Blesbok an giant Kudu
Lori was right there with
Darren and got to enjoy
the hunt as well!
Darrens gun did not make it on his flight so he used
Richards  .308 with a silencer.. and wow what
great shots!
When Darrens gun finally got here he
decided to stick with the .308 after all!
He added an awesome Impala and
Gemsbok to the bag.
Lori got to taste the local cuisine...
Lori & Darren decided to take a day
off and took some lionesses . . .
for a walk!
Darren decided to add Black Wildebeast and Springbuck to his
list and after an early waker and a three hour drive we had these
two great trophies by lunch time!
Really awesome experience & a
great educational project!
These lions where featured in the
BBC production "The Pride"
Lori decided on a cull Impala to start with and then had her sights set on a few more trophies of her own.
She made a perfect shot on her first animal and then with confidence added these outstanding Gold Medal  
Blue Wildebeest and Impala to her list.
After seeing these giants on one of our concessions
Darren decided that he would like to add a Giraffe to
his haul . . . and what a giant it was . . . dressed out it
weighed 265 LBS ... THIS IS CARCASS WEIGHT !
We had an awesome
time with ou guys and
are looking forward
to your next trip with
us . . . not to far in the
Not the first time this
sign has caught
someones eye!
One of the beautiful pictures
taken by Lori!
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