Hunt Report
Dennis Brownley
Next we have Leopard hunter,
Dennis Brownley from San
Antonio, Texas
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Dennis lost all his previous  
trophies in a house fire and was
eager to replace those that he
had lost.
While baiting we did not have
good signs for about 3 weeks
before he got here ~ April is not
the best time of the year for
leopard but it was the only time
Dennis could come.
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We immediately started building a blind and
finished mid-afternoon. I wanted the cat to settle
and decided to leave him that night. Here he came
before sunset! The next day we decided to sit. I
saw him again before dark through the trees. He
must have known we were there as he
just disappeared as swiftly as he came in ...
With a severe storm hitting us on the way
back from picking Dennis up, I really
believed it would be even worse than I
feared for the outcome of our hunt.
We gave it all we have and low and behold
on day one of checking baits with Dennis
this monster Tom was on the meat an hour
before daylight.
The next morning we checked the baits and he was
not back. We were very disappointed. On the way
out I noticed drag marks across the road. We
followed up on that only to find a dead wildebeest
calf covered in a thicket.
We built a new blind here in a hurry
as I was sure he would be back for
his kill.

He was back that night but not on the
kill but on the bait !

Ok so now back to the bait... the
next day he came in 30 min. before
sunset. He went and lay down on the
ground giving us only a neck shot !

We had to bait on the ground as he
was one of those non-tree climbers !
He also had an affinity for "soup"
rather than meat.
The next few days he gave us the run around until April 26 when he appeared just after dark and with baits
well positioned Dennis was right on him as soon as the light came on ..... The rest is history and Dennis will
have this prized trophy in his new trophy room soon !

We enjoyed Dennis' comapany ! Great guy ! Dennis you will always be welcome with us and good luck on
your other trips this year !
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