What a very beautiful animal!
Hunt Report
Gary & Laura Pendleton with
son Gray & Caroline Pendleton
Welcome to a great family
group the Pendletons! from
Raleigh, NC.
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See you in North Carolina!
Gray started off the first day with a whopper of an
Impala - beautiful!
Gary only had a Buffalo on his menu
and we travelled to an area adjacent to
and open with Kruger National Park
that is know for it's great buffalo bulls.

Laura was with on the hunt and
experienced the stalks through Lion
infested hunting areas!
Gray didn't let
opportunity pass him by
and made a great shot to
bag "The Hog"!
Gray spotted a great Kudu on day one but was not
quite sure he wanted to take one .... Flippie told
him he was going to kick himself if he didn't . .
.sadly that is exactly what happened!

When Gray finally decided yes to the kudu later on
the first day  "that" Kudu he was after was
nowhere to be found!
Moral of the story . . . listen to your PH . . .

Fortunately luck smiled on Gray we finally got this
guy soon after sunrise on the last hunting day.
A beautiful old 54" bull.
He then added a this great Blesbok ram.
After a good stalk Gray made a perfect shot
on this lovely Zebra.
And was very luck to walk into this
fantastic Warthog!
The family also
found some
interesting paw
prints while in the
Gary also got to experience walking
into a group of buffalo while on his
way from his cabin one

After three days of hard hunting Gary
finally bagged this lovely Buffalo bull
with a well placed shot from the .375

He is going to make one great mount!
Gary also decided to take
one of these beautiful
Zebra after deciding that
he would make a beautiful
gift for his daughter back
Caroline did some shooting
of a different kind and took
some stunning pictures on
the hunt.
The family took a
day to do
something fun
together . . . walk
with Lions!
We really enjoyed
getting to know
you guys! Thanks
for a great time
together! Hope
enjoy the rest of
your visit to
Southern Africa!
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