Hunt Report
Mike & Stephany Carsner
All the way from Portland,
Oregon, we are very pleased to
welcome husband and wife
Mike & Stephany Carsner
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It was great meeting you guys! We had a lot of fun!
Especially around the dinner table! See you in
Stephany learned the hard way . . .
the African veld has a lot of
As the observer on the hunt Stephany got to take pictures from the blind of some interesting animals
that came into the salt lick . . . here are some of them.
Mike finally got a shot at this lovely Blesbok
from the blind. And one shot from 40 yds took it
Page Ten
Mike rounded off his hunt with this awesome Impala!
He waited for it from under a tree then took to
stalking and got him at 40yds.
Mike and Stephany also decided to go to
Kruger National Park! Click here to see a
slide show of their great trip & awesome
Mike, who is
an avid
started his
African safari
with this
After a couple
of days of
stalking Mike
finally got a
shot at 15yrds