Hunt Report
Vic & Lindsay Svetlay
We are very happy to have the
sweetest couple Vic and
Lindsay Svetlay hunting with us
once again.
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We have enjoyed visiting with
Vic and Lindsay in Florida and
are very glad that they are
back with us this year.
After successfully hunting a
Leopard with us in 2011 Vic
set his sights on buffalo!
It was a long hard hunt through
rough terrain but Vic hung in
there and got this gorgeous old
"Dugga" Bull.
Vic then set his sights on Sable
and was fortunate to take this
40inch plus bull.

Lindsay enjoyed sharing the
trophy picture with him!

Well Done Vic!
Vic also took this really great
Springbok ram and very lovely
Vic ended the hunt with a very beautiful
Thanks guys for a really great time!!
We always enjoy visiting with you
and hope to see you again soon!
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