Hunt Report
Steve & Bridgette Koester
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We are all very happy to welcome
Steve and wife Bridgette from
Wadesville, Indiana.
It was also Steve's Birthday
and what a great way to spend
it and start his African hunt!
Steve took this stunning
old dark Giraffe on his
very first full hunting
Next Steve took
this beautiful
17" Blesbok
Bridgette was the
photographer on
   the hunt,
and she took this beautiful picture of our local
mountain range.
Steve stalked this hog for quite a long
way and had to crawl through a lot
of grass, his perserverance was
rewarded with this great
trophy Warthog.
Steve took this really old Redhartebeest bul
on one of our National Nature Reserves where
only very limited hunting is permitted.
He was a fabulous trophy and the right choice too
as he had very few teeth left!
Steve also took this lovely Impala ram . . .
. . . And this gorgeous Nyala bull. It truly
has some of the most beautiful facial
markings of all our spiral horns.
Steves next trophy was this stunning
Waterbuck bull . . . a trophy to be
extremely proad of!

Well Done Steve!
Steve started telling jokes on the first morning
of the hunt and did not stop until the last
morning! Never repeating himself..quite
Thanks Steve we loved the laughs!
Another beautiful scene by Bridgette
Steve ended his African Hunting Adventure
with one of the best Eland trophies we
have ever taken . . .
. . . no it does not have the longest length in horns but
look at that forehead brush and great big dewlap!
look at that
He weighed just over
2000 lbs!
A Monster!
Thanks Steve and Bridget for such a great fun filled hunt. We didn't stop laughing once and we
found out Bridget and Flippie are  twins!
Hope to see you guys state side again some time.
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