Hunt Report
Dave & Kim Kruckenberg
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A very warm welcome to Dave & Kim
Kruckenberg, of Mathews, NC.
Dave and Kim are both hunters and not only enjoyed
hunting together but also took a great trip to Kruger
National Park. Click here to see the slide show!
Page Ten
Kim got a chance and took this lovely Blesbok
ram with a great shot!
Dave then got a gorgeous Bushbuck ram as well!
Dave's turn again and he took this really beautiful Zebra.
Dave started off the safari with this stunning
Nyala bull!
Both Kim and Dave then got to take these lovely Impala. Kim
took this really old worn down ram.
And Dave was extremely blessed to
get a real monster!
OK so now it's Kim's turn for a monster....
and what a monster!

Kim was also really blessed with this 32 and a half
inch Waterbuck bull!
Kim then showed us what else she can do and
took this monster Redhartebeest!
Not to be out done Dave successfully went after
this gorgeous Warthog and brought home the
Kim showed she can bring home some bacon
too... what a lovely Bushpig boar.
Dave had a gemsbok listed and after some searching
managed to take this lovely animal.
Dave finnished off his safari
with this really majestic deep
curl Kudu.
What a great hunt guys! We
enjoyed it thoroughly ... even
the getting stuck in the mud
part was funny....now anyway!
Thanks for a great time!