Hunt Report
Jim Huckabay
We are so glad to have good
friend Jim visit &
hunt with us again!
Jim is from Washington and
amung other interesting
pastimes writes a weekly
column and has a great
Outdoor blog...
"Inside the Outdoors"
James meets up with us every year we go to the USA and this year decided to meet up with us back
home!...He also got to do a little bit of hunting while he was here.
Jim took a gorgeous little Duiker that
turned out to be a monster measuring
four and a half inches!
James also got to help out with a Blue Wildebeest cull,
and what great specimens they where!
Jim is also the author of "Wild Winds"
(And other tales of growing up in the
Outdoor West)
from Reecer Creek Publishing.
Jim took photos
everywhere and enjoyed
driving around with
Jim also got to experience game capture and
release - the african way.
We also ran into a large group of
Jim also
got the
chance at a
great Steenbok...
and took it!

Another monster!
Over four and a
half inches!
Giraffe one day . . .
19 together and all
taking turns to
quench their thirst.
Quite a spectacle!
JIm...thanks for the visit...and thanks for being there for us through the tough times...it's
like you where sent! See you in WA.
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