Hunt Report
We are very happy to start off the 2015
hunting season with old friends!
Neil Horn and Don Caldwell from
Roanoke, VA
Welcome back fellas!
And what an AMAZING way to start!!!!AGAIN!!
Neil's Kudu headed straight for the
thick stuff and ended up in the

This monster weighed in excess
of 900lbs and measured
54 " !!!
What a great beginning (again!) to the 2015 hunting season! - Thanks once again guys!
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Neil Horn & Don Caldwell
Reminiscent of the 2013 season both guys start off with a bang!
As this is both Neil and Don's second
hunting trip in Africa they both have a list of
different species than those that they had
hunted before.
Both guys taking beautiful Springbok and
Red Hartebeest which are typical Highveld
Neil and his stunning Black Wildebeest.
Just look at the
gorgeous pronk on
these Springbok!
Don adding another
beautiful Zebra.
It is something
that always
Back to Sterkrivier...and a opportune Jackal for Don.
In 2013 Don became our very first client to take a 60"plus Kudu....this time around Don wanted a really
nice Eland....and just look at the monster he was blessed with....
OVER 39 " !
It took 5 guys and a TLB to load it!
Well Done Don!
That's what
happens when
you shoot an
animal that
almost 2 ton!
Neil and Don also got to see some great
game on the Hunt and rounded off their
safari with a Fantastic trip to Kruger
National Park.
Check back soon for photos!
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