Hunt Report
We are so happy to welcome
back Mikhail and his wife Alla.
Mikhail is from Russia and
contacted Richard in early
February with a request to hunt
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Mikhail V
This was however the first time Richard could bring the gun back from the US as he had finally got a permit
issued..yes after only 7 years!
It was a very exciting adrenalin filled hunt and Mikhail was so happy he got to experience it!
Thanks for the gun David and thanks to Mikhail for making such a great shot!
Richard was happy to accommodate him
even though it ment flying back from the
USA to South Africa to do the hunt and
then flying back to the US to do three more
hunting shows!
This hunt took place on property
close to Kruger National Park.

The hunters had planned to hunt
Hippo at night when they would
have left the water and have
been grazing on land but that
was not to be!

They where scouting the
waterside to get a general idea
of which area the big bulls
where in when this monster bull
charged at them from out of the
Thank heaven Mikhail is a great
shot and managed to hit the
charging bull from only 5meters
Mikhail was using Richards 416
Rigby given to him by another
great client David from Arkansas
back in 2008.
Alla enjoyed sharing the hunting experience with her
husband and was extra excited about the croc! I think
Mikhail may have to shoot another one one day for boots!
Crocodile was also on
Mikhails list and after
deciding which length croc he
wanted he managed to take this
lovely animal with a quick
clean shot.
Mikhail decided to end off his stay with a zebra.
Mikhail also treated his wife to a day in Kruger
National Park and they got to see some lovely
What a beautiful area they got to hunt in!
Thanks guys...we look forward to your next trip!
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