Henry finally got his #1
animal Brown Hyena in
broad Daylight!!
They had decided to sit in
the blind early morning
until 11am as the Hyena had
been coming in to the bait at
odd hours.

This is a really unusual
time  of day to get a Brown
Hyena as they are primarily
night scavangers.
Well Done Henry on a
beautiful trophy!
Hunt Report
Welcome to Henry who joins
us from Wintershoek Safari
Company. Henry is
accompanied by good friend
and Professional Hunter John
Tindly who arranges most of
Henrys African hunting.
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John had previously
accompanied Mexican hunter
Jose d'J for a night critter hunt
and was certain that his
longtime client Henry S.
would also enjoy hunting some
of the more elusive and hard to
come by night animals!
Henry took this large Civit after spotlighting.
Night hunts consist mostly of a combination of blind hunting
and  spot-lighting. Henry managed to take this beautiful Serval while spotlighting.
Henry took this gorgeous
Honey Badger from the blind
early in the evening.
A really interesting and unique
little animal.
Another night in a blind and
Henry takes this beautiful
Bushpig boar.
Henry added this
gorgeous Limpopo
Bushbuck to his list.

Having already taken
Chobe and Cape
Bushbuck he was glad
to round off with this
lovely ram.
Out spot-lighting for the last two night
critters on his list Henry was lucky enough
to walk into a group of bushpig...and he
took his chance getting another big boar!
Not long after the
Bushpig Henry
was once again
luck and got to
take this lovely
Large Spotted
Henry also took this beautiful Zebra as well as this
really impressive Fellow Deer.
Although Felow Deer are not native to
South Africa we have an abundant stock!
Next Henry took this stunning old Giraffe bull in an area over
populated with Giraffe. As you can see he had recently been
fighting and had lost a horn which was still bloody.
While hunting Henry got to
enjoy our scenic valley.
Next up Henry finally got the Caracal he has been looking for!
Henry also
participated in a Blue
Wildebeest cull hunt
and also took this
pesky Jackal.
Henry ended his hunt with this
lovely White Blesbok Ram.
Thanks for being such an easy
to please nice guy Henry!
We thoroughly enjoyed hosting
you and John.