Hunt Report
Hey look who is back!
Welcome Don who hunted
with us in 2012. He brings his
wife Mary-Jo as well as
hunting neighbour Robert!
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Don, Mary Jo & Robert
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Don took this very beautiful Nyala bull while
wife Mary-Jo accommpanied him for the first
time on a hunt.
Great shot Don!
A truly majestic animal!
Don also took this very
nice old Bushbuck Ram
just at last light.

Another great shot!

Well Done Don!
Mary-Jo acted

as photographer

and got to see

some interesting

Rob, who is chiefly a bow

hunter had a little trouble with

his bow for the first few days

and he decided to give the rifle

a go. He took this truly

impressive Bushpig.
Rob also took this young

Impala ram that needed to be

culled off our property, as we

do not want him inbreeding

with the females.
Robert also got a chance

at this truly gorgeous

Bushbuck ram early one

morning and made sure he got

him with an excellent shot!
As Don only had a few trophies on his list he and Mary-Jo got to enjoy a couple of days at the local spa!
And an exciting Lion Walk Experience!
Besides their shopping and visit to the Taxidermist Don and Mary-Jo also
took a Game Drive on the local big five private game reserve!
Meanwhile Rob was enjoying the hunting and took a
beautiful Zebra and another young cull Wildebeest bull.
Don also rounded off his hunt

with a young cull Wildebeest

bull and a lovely Zebra!
Thanks guys!!! We had such a lovely time

hosting you all!!

We feel like we have made some great friends!

Hope to see you all again some time!