Hunt Report
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David & Maureen
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So glad to welcome David and
Maureen, all the way from
Sacramento, California.
David is a retired
fireman/paramedic and an
avid bow hunter!
David took this beautiful very old Gemsbok
early in the hunt.
David took this really lovely Impala
a few days later.
David shot this Warthog just before dark and was
amazed at how far it went after such a good shot.
The guys tracked it and found it 40min. later just
after dark.
Another lovely old Impala, David who tans
his own hides and is not having many mounts
done will have some lovely animal skins in
his home.
And last but not least David took this really
stunning Warthog!
David and Maureen also took a day off
and went to experience aWalk with Lions
These are not tamed Lions...but merely trained
and as Maureen explained they still retain a
David and Maureen started their safari with a three day trip to Kruger National
Park where they took some awesome footage! We where really blessed this trip
and had some great experiences and sightings! Watch this space to see a slide
show of their trip...comming soon....only 4000 more photos to go through...lol