Hunt Report
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Paul, Erick & Brian
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Welcome to a great family of
guys from Phoenix, Az!
Our home base in the US!

Dad Paul and his sons Erick
and Brian are a fun loving
bunch and we had a wonderful
time hosting them!
Everyone got a turn to hunt and they took some
really awesome trophies!
Here is Brians Impala ram and Erics
Blesbuck below.
Dad Paul took this one horned fellow!
Paul also took this beautiful Springbok ram.
What a beautiful 'pronk'!
took a
The guys got to see some beautiful animals and shared
great times around the fire!
Erick took this
lovely Nyala as
well as a really
When this beauty
walked out - Erick
just could not resist!
Huge warted Warthog!
Brian and Rex became fast friends! and Roxi
just had to have in on the party!
Look how impressed
Erick looks with the
hippo foot!
Paul and Erick got to experience a
damage causing animal hunt! A
hippo that had been causing havoc
and was a danger to villages was
taken care of by Richard and the
guys helped with the aftermath!
Thanks fellas!
While Paul and Erick where rolling hippo Brian
and Flippie travelled to the highveld for this
stunningFallow Deer!! Awesome Brian!
Erick also got a chance at Springbuck and
harvested this beauty!
The guys got to experience
some African food and lovely
What a great family hunt! Brian was so
blessed to get to take this stunning Kudu high
up on a mountain! A really spectacular
trophy! So lovely to have his Dad and
brother to share this experience with!
Thanks guys we had such a fun time hosting you guys! I hope we get to host you all again
Erick finally got
the Warthog he
was looking for
and took this