Hunt Report
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Jim Huckabay and Friends!
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We are so happy to welcome Jim Huckabay back for
a visit! Jim is one of our favourite people and he has
brought along some friends! Some old and some new!
Welcome all!!!
This is Kevin who is a friend and hunting buddy of
Jim, Kevin took this beautiful Nyala bull...
The guys mostly came for Buffalo and took a few
other beautiful trophies too!
Jim was blessed to take this gorgeous Common
Reedbuck late in the hunt.
and this stunning Bushbuck ram!
What a nice bunch of people to
visit with!
Jim also got a Bushbuck to be proud of!
Tim from Denver had always
dreamed of hunting a buffalo one
day and when Roy mentioned the
trip he and partner decided that
this was the perfect time!

And what a wonderful Cape
Buffalo to hunt! Tim took this
beauty with Richards 416 Rigby.
Tim, who only took a buffolo on this trip, and Ronnie, (Tims partner) wanted to see more of southern Africa and
I managed to arrange some lovely trips to Victoria Falls and Tsukudu Bush Lodge in the
Pilandsberg Game Reserve - a very exclusive 5 star Big Five game reserve.
Click here soon for a slide show of their trip! (coming soon)
Roy Enter
Roy is an long time friend and
hunting buddy of Jims who
also hunted with us with Jim in
Roy has been wanting to come
back for a Cape Buffolo and
he finally did it!
Roy shot this gorgeous guy also with
a 416 Rigby!
Well Done Roy! Awesome Trophy!
Mark Russell

Mark, from Texas, also came to hunt
primarily Cape Buffalo. Mark is an
avid bow hunter and took this stunning
Cape with his bow. It was a very
thrilling and hair raising hunt.
Roy has also always had his eye on Waterbuck and decided to take one when this gorgeous bull
presented itself! A truly wonderful trophy specimen!
They finally hound the herd of buffalo in
the afternoon of day 4. The tracker took
up the spoor early the next morning and
followed the buffalo for about 7 miles,
when the hunters caught up with him they
followed the bulls for about a mile and a
half but could just not get a shot - as it
was to be taken with a bow it means that
the hunters try to be within 25 yards. The
tracker took over the lead again and after
a further 2 miles Mark finally got a shot
at 15 yards!
The buffalo was taken in an area that has been suffering from a sever
draught and as you can see from this picture they are suffering from
mal-nutrition. This is what makes trophy hunting so very important in
Southern Africa! With the income generated for these
old bulls many other buffalo in the herd can be fed and
Mark made his arrow count and the bull fell where he was!
The buffalo bull Mark was after was with another bull who stormed the guys once the first bull was down..very
scary stuff! Fortunately alls well that ends well - well done Mark on a great trophy!
Mark presenting his brand new Leopold
binos to Chingeta the tracker that worked
so hard to find Mark his bull!
Mark brought his son Vaughn on the hunt as
well and he was so excited to get his very first
African species. Vaughn took this lovely Blue
Wildebeest bull with a great shot!
Vaughn tried out his bow hunting skills
that he has been working so hard on for
months and took this beautiful Nyala bull
and Impala ram with a bow!
Mark also got to take a monster Warterbuck bull! At 33" it is
a trophy any hunter would be ecstatic about!
Mean while back at the ranch . . . Jim and Kevin where having fun going after some birds!
Glad you enjoyed it guys ! Thanks Kevin for preparing the birds they where delicious!
Thanks guys we had such a great visit with you all! Hope to see you all again sometime!!
Here is a lovely slideshow of pictures taken by Gerry, a friend of Roys, who came
along to do some sightseeing - and picture taking!