Hunt Report
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The Lusk Family and Friends!
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WELCOME to the Lusk Family
So nice to have you guys with us!
What an interesting fun bunch!
Welcome also to their friends
Cathy, Paula and Lynn.
Cathy, Paula & Lynn where here on a purely
photographic safari trip and stopped over in
Dubai & Victoria Falls before arriving with us!
What lovely ladies and such a easy party to
cater to! They are all avid golfers and played
some rounds of golf on our local golf course as
well as attempting the Extreme 19th gold hole!
More on their exploits later!
Dad Leonard with wife Lisa, son Chad (who
lives in Alaska) and son-in-law John with
wife Megan,  are all hunters and this is their
first experience in Africa.
Leonard kicked off the hunt with a bang when he got
this beautiful Gesbok that needed to be taken off our
home area.
John wasn't far behind and here are their
animals in no particular order - you'll
agree they got some really beautiful
Johns gorgeous Waterbuck!
Megan and her Mom enjoyed sharing the
experience with their men!
Both John and Leonard harvested lovely
As Chad is a bow hunter
patience is the name of the game!
Here are some of the
interesting visitors he
had while sitting in
After much patience Chad
finally got the Warthog and
Impala that he was after!
It was also his birthday on this trip - and
we all made sure to celebrate with him!
Meanwhile . . .
Leonard took this fantastic Nyala bull.
And John took a lovely Impala
John took a really lovely Gemsbuck bull and Leonard also got a great Impala trophy!
Some of the lovely pictures that Lisa and
Megan took on the hunts.
Here is a Slideshow of some of the pictures taken by Paula, Lynn and Cathy while they did various fun
activities! Including Walking with Lions, Spa Days, hiking to waterfalls, big five game viewing drives, wine
tasting and playing lots of golf!
Thank You ladies! You where all so much fun to take around!
What a FUN bunch of people to have on safari!!
Thanks to all!