Hunt Report
First to visit us this year are hunting buddies - John amd Hoesli
from Indiana.
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John & Hoesli
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This was both John and Hoeslis first time
hunting in Africa and they made the most of
the trip!
Both taking some great trophies! Umungst them these two
beautiful Fallow Deer.
Well Done guys those are both beautiful trophies!
Next was Impala and Warthog and they both got great animals.
We had a great deal of fun around the dinner table with these two guys !
As they both only had a limited trophy list they also got to visit Kruger National Park and
do some golfing at our local course!
Hey guys we really enjoyed
the time with you both !
Good luck John on your
new ventures!
Hoesli I promise never to
make you muffins again! :o
John and Hoesli also visited Kruger National Park!
Click here to see a slide show of their trip!