Hunt Report
A very warm welcome to an Awesome couple
- Nick and his wife Adrian! We met this
couple in Portland at one of our shows and
were so happy when they decided to come and
hunt with us!
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Nick & Adrian
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Nick did the hunting and Adrian did shooting of a different kind - see the
slideshow below ! She took some really lovely pictures of our area!
Nick took this beautiful patterned zebra and Adrian was
there to share the moment!
Nick also took this lovely Blesbok ram with
Adrian by his side!
Warthog was last on the list and my did Nic have fun
- he took 2!
Such a fun hunt with the nicest people - we sure do have
the best luck with our clients!!
Thank you guys for a great time!
We look forward to seeing you back!
Watch this slide show for some really stunning pictures taken by Adrian!
Nic and & Adrian were adventurous
and tried some of our more unusual
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